Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's been a while......

After much nagging from someone who shall remain nameless (but whose initials are Lynda), I am back in blogland! I have found so many new blogs and I get such pleasure from reading them, that I've been shamed into resurrecting my own blog.

It has been a busy few months - some birthdays, a trip to the USA, a scrapbook retreat, a Christmas, a road trip down south, some more birthdays, a quilt retreat and another scrapbook retreat.

I am now unemployed and only just starting to get used to that and enjoy it properly. It is a learned skill, just as being employed is a learned skill. I thought I'd have a lot more time for quilting, sewing, reading and the other good things in life but it seems like I have less! Note to self - get a grip and get organized!

I embroidered a set of 7 "Days of the Week" tea towels for Angela's birthday (yes, she did want them!) and they turned out really well. Bought cotton/linen blend towels from here which were just a treat to embroider. Service was amazing and the towels arrived the next day! Then I used designs from Embroidery Library. They turned out beautifully and Ang was delighted. The last scrapbook retreat was also part of her gift.

Our trip to the States was just fabulous! San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and heaps of other places because Bill the Builder is obsessed about car hire and we always do a lot of driving around.  This results in nasty slurs against my navigational abilities, even though we had the trusty Tom Tom on board. We were driving from Washington back to New York, hopefully via Philidelphia but ended up alarmingly close to Canada!! MUCH abuse as we got further and further away from New York!
Oooops! Turned out I had left the "no toll roads" option on and all roads from Washington to New York must have been tolls! We chose "no tolls" so that we could see something of the countryside. It was a fabulous holiday and we are thinking of going again around the same time this year.

Bill the Builder says I have to get a job if I want to go anywhere, but I think..................naaah!


  1. What a lovely surprise to see your post!!! Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and so glad you enjoyed your trip to the states. I can relate to your navigation story!!! Hope you are well xx

  2. Yahoo!!!

    The nameless person from down south.

  3. Welcome back to blogland, Diann; good to hear what you've been up to (lots, by the sound of it!)And you have discovered what so many of my retired (lucky things!) friends now know - there's so much happening in their lives that they don't know how they ever managed to fit in going to work - I am SO looking forward to that stage of life! Keep smiling and enjoying everything.