Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There's been a change in plans Barbie..........

I've spent the last couple of days making really slow great progress on Lily's quilt. With encouragement and phone tutoring from Lynda, I did away with the original 9 patch blocks on the quilt and replaced it with double Irish Chain.

I had to do a bit of deconstructing and reconstructing which I hate with a passion which I don't mind and have two more rows to sew together and add on.
I had to redo this squirrel (in the top right hand corner in the first photo) because I hadn't centred it properly and when I put the border on, the tail was in the border seam. Tried not to let it bug me and leave it there but.....nah. It bugged me.  I used this design twice. Just reversed it and changed the colours.
The embroideries are a mixture from the Sue Box designs 'Timeless Teddies' and 'Woodland Treasures'. I love her designs. They always stitch out beautifully and have excellent detail. I'm really pleased with the way the quilt is turning out. It's looking really pretty and will be a nice size when it's finished. My SIL has an obsession with washing which is the reason I've only done machine embroidery. Hopefully this quilt will hold up a bit better than the hand embroidered 'Little Chicken Feather' that I made for my other niece and which gets washed at least once a week. Yeeks!