Friday, May 28, 2010

Who's been sleeping in my bed.......

Every Friday, I look after this gorgeous little package! He is grandbaby number 3 - aka The Sweet One. We have a wonderful time together - lots of goofing off! Today, we cleaned the car, did some washing, chased Barney No Friends, had a loooong nap and watched Madagascar. It was a full day!

Snappy dresser!

My friend Lynda and I had a really stupid great idea.  We are going to start making the blocks in Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  Each Monday, I will choose a block (two if it's a really easy block) and we both have to have it made by the following Sunday.  We figure we should have them all finished by about 2020! We are both working on heaps a couple of projects but if ever once we've got those finished, it will be full steam ahead. Bill the Builder and I are going to the Gold Coast for the weekend at daybreak tomorrow so I'll need to get my skates on.

P.S. I knitted another row on my beanie!


  1. You will have to get your skates on if you're going to have your block finished by Sunday night and you're going away for the weekend - you don't want to be late for our first deadline.

  2. The "snappy dresser" is looking a bit cheeky to me.