Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pick a spot….any spot

Generally, I am fairly neat and tidy. I usually put things away when I’m finished and I mostly work in a logical, orderly manner. And then the other times, I just lose the plot completely and the place looks like a bomb went off! Wherever you look, mess and chaos!  Just seems to go from 'not too bad’ to ‘whoa! What happened here?'
Hmmmm…maybe should have ditched the wine glass before I took the photo!
Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to take too long to get everything back in order. Very easy to mess up but very easy to put to rights again.

Remains of the jam drops I made, after leaving them to cool while Bill the Builder was home. I also made a lovely orange cake (hidden in the spare bedroom), a loaf of bread, a zuchinni slice, some pea and ham soup (found a meaty hock languishing in the bottom of the freezer) and put the fruit on to soak for the Christmas cake.
How good do I look in this apron from the M & M shop in New York?? Oh. OK. Not good at all. Rats!
 How beautiful is this rose? This poor bush doesn’t get much attention and doesn’t give many flowers (probably for obvious reasons!) but  when it blooms, they are just lovely.
Good bargains at the junk shop! Shiny purple diary for next year and three bottles for Christmas jam. Bargain! Apricot jam on the boil as we speak.

Today, Barney No Friends has to go to the doctor (again) but this time, only for his annual shots. How would you fancy having to load this into a cage?? Not one of my favourite past times, let me tell you. He weighs a tonne and also has an aversion to being stuffed into a cage and having the lid slammed shut, but then, don’t we all?


  1. My cave looks like your choas kitchen but I never seem to get it tidied up... Hopefully I will soon...LOL
    Yeh I do like you in your nice apron..
    Good luck with the cat..

  2. You look great in your apron. The rose is beautiful and I hope you have lots more. No wonder your kitchen was in a bit of chaos - you were giving it a good workout with all that cooking and baking.

  3. Ha! I have an 18 lb. (about 8.16 kilograms) orange tabby cat named Morris. However, he LOVES his cat-carrier, so that part is not the problem. The problem is hoisting and carrying the carrier once he's in it. :)
    Have fun with Barney No Friends.