Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farewell, me lovely

After a lot of looking around and test driving and screaming and yelling discussion, we have finally bought a new car, so farewell to my trusty steed, the Commodore. I have loved this car and it was been wonderful. It has not cost us a bean and apart from some cosmetic touches (ie I ran into a carpark, Bill the Builder backed into a fence), it is almost as good as the day we bought it. Someone is going to get a bargain with this one. Thank you for keeping me and my babies safe and for always getting us to where we were going.
The new beast is a Subaru Outback and we picked it up with much flourish.
It has quite a few bells and whistles and is quite comfortable to drive. Still getting the hang of it. Hannes is delighted with it and we went for a spin with the sunroof open before we went to kindy on Friday.
Welcome home! Hope you fit in the carport!


  1. The new car looks beautiful. Love the big gold bow. Hope you don't miss the sear old girl too much.

  2. Nice!!!! I love the gold bow too. Enjoy your new car!

  3. Safe travels in the new car......may it give you the same trouble free journey of the retiree!

  4. Love the new Suby! I am a Suby gal too.... Outback, though mine is not as new! We upgraded from our Commodore to an outback years ago, loved it SO much, we upgraded again. Was thinking of upgrading 18 months ago, but I got the Gammill instead!
    Happy driving!