Sunday, November 25, 2012

Isn't it funny.....

how one can own thousands a lorry load quite a few recipe books and magazines, yet still come back to the same recipe, over and over.
This is a mixed fruit and walnut slice that I got from Peg's blog. I discovered it ages ago and have made it so many times. It is always a winner. Very easy to make, lovely to eat and makes a large quantity. I didn't have enough mixed fruit this time round so added some dates. I love that beautiful green leaf plate too. Mum gave it to me years ago and I kept it safe and sound in the dresser. Then, one day, I just decided to start using all my beautiful things and it gives me such pleasure.

One slow contribution to SBS this weekend. This is Crossed Canoes and is something of an odd block, I thought. The colours haven't come up very well here. The pale fabric is a light apricot with a white spot.
I do have enough to make a good sized quilt but am starting to look on this project as a learning experience. I've never had patchwork lessons so working through these blocks, and trying to do the very best I can with them, is certainly giving me some good lessons. This block is foundation pieced.

My babies are certainly growing up. On Friday, the kindy kids were allowed to wear their school uniforms for next year for a 'show and tell'. They all looked so grown up in their uniforms but when they changed back into their kindy uniforms, they were just babies again. Time goes so quickly.
Hannes in his new school uniform. He will be in prep next year. And what blog post from me would be complete without a photo of the latest flowers from SIL's garden? The white roses are mine but the goregous red ones are his. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.


  1. tried and true old favourite recipes are always the best...I have found some of my favourites on Peg's blog as well! I must get on and make my Christmas cake.....this being away has got me all out of routine..LOL

  2. I have some recipes that I call my favorites too and will always use them. Nothing wrong with that. Neat looking block.

  3. Not sure what happened may have to comments from is a great old recipe this one thanks that block and they do grow up so fast....

  4. Hi Diann
    I'm just like you and use the same recipe all the time, I have 3 boys and I'm always looking for new things to bake for their lunch box but I always go back to brownies and biscuits. Quick and very yummy.

  5. Hi Diann,

    Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts on my blog, they were much appreciated at a time of many doubts and worries (but so much hope).

    Is Hannes your grandson? And excuse me if I'm being vague but what does SBS stand for?

  6. TSO looks so sweet standing up there in his school uniform. Your SBS block looks fantastic - such lovely sharp points.

  7. Hi Diann

    I purchased my cello bags from a wholesaler that sells bulk items - toilet paper, coffee, hand towel, serviettes etc. I bought a pack of 15 x 18cm bags about 2 years ago and still have heaps left - I guess it was a pack of 200? Quite cheap too. So. try and find a supplier like that, or ask at a gift shop/cake shop that may use them. They do make giving biscuits/treats easy.

    Cheers - Joolz