Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A jammy kind of day

Spent most of yesterday making jam and relish. I made five bottles of apricot jam
and eight bottles of green tomato relish.
Mum gave me a heap of cherry tomatoes so I picked out the ripe ones and used all the others to make this relish. I hope it tastes OK. I haven't tried this recipe before.  I also made a banana cake for the freezer and topped up the jam drop supply and have now hidden those in the spare room too.
Bill the Builder is home on holidays and is goofing off tidying up the shed so he says. We are picking up a new car that looks like a Mongolian Racing Duck in the next few days and I am really hoping for a road trip down south to see Lynda. I'm not used to having Bill the Builder home and it's a real challenge quite nice, although there are lots of cups of tea and snacky cake. We'll both be fats as fools somewhat heavier if this keeps up!
How gorgeous are these roses from SIL's garden? They are actually a lot darker red than they look here and the perfume is just exquisite. What a beautiful day it is here today.
Here's looking at you, mister!


  1. The apricot jam and tomato relish look delicious. Definitely rose season up your way - they are beautiful. Love the photo of you and The Cutie.

  2. LOL....just love a good relish and yours looks yummo...