Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a beautiful day!

Days like today make me so happy! The perfect Spring day, with a cool breeze and lovely sunshine! Birds singing, branches waving gently in the breeze and ditto a ute load of clean washing. All is right with the world.
The light of my life turned 5 yesterday! It just does not seem that long ago that I watched him being born. What a truly remarkable and special experience that was for me. I went over to his house for a lovely birthday breakfast yesterday morning and to watch him open his presents from me and Grandad.
Now that he's a big boy, I thought I should introduce him to the 'socks and jocks' gift pack! Check the smile on his face. He doesn't know, at this stage, that this will be something he's likely to be unwrapping many times in his life! He is the most joyous little critter.
Slow progress on a quilt for DIL. This block needs something. Am thinking of doing some ribbon embroidery flowers on it. Not sure.
This is the church block from Bronwyn Hayes' 'We are Family' that started in Homespun No. 104. I made it blue because my son and DIL were married in the little blue church on Mt. Tamborine. I've traced out all the blocks in the first part and started the embroidery on them but not a lot to show there yet! Need to get my skates on.
Aren't fresh flowers a delight to have in the house? This beautiful bunch came from SIL's garden. Hannes told me the buds will hatch in a few days, so here's hoping! Off to do another SBS block and have a crack at doing a block that needs templates - not my strong suit! Wish me luck!


  1. What beautiful photos of TSO (and his grandma). Ribbon flowers on the church block will look fantastic.

  2. I agree with Lynda ribbon flowers would look great and the photo is terrific too.