Monday, October 8, 2012

A loooooong time between drinks!

Blimey! Didn't realize how long it had been since I've done any blogging. But have I been slack? No. In fact, I've been a very busy little vegemite. What inspired me to spring back into print is my progress on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I am actually up to block 50. On the strength of that, I pinned my design sheet up in the dining room and whacked all the blocks on. Bill the Builder will never notice the extra pin holes in the wall!

Not sure about that one third from the right on the top row. Might need to check and see if that's how it's supposed to look.

I have also caught the crocheted dishcloth bug. Since I am the instant gratification fairy, I love doing these! The first obvious plus is that I can do them and the other thing is, they are so fast, which we like! Mind you, some of them are a bit squiffy so they are the ones I kept. I gave some to Mother and to gorgeous daughter. They are mildly abrasive, very quick drying and it's just nice to have something pretty to do with dishes with. How sad is that??
Knitted wonky dishcloth

 Been to a wedding in Toowoomba.......
 Been to Sydney to catch up with buddies and go to............
another wedding! What a fantastic week we had too! Nearly vomitted A few anxious moments when I discovered I'd left my brand new, gorgeous little matching (naturally) handbag in the cab. A kit of new makeup, my phone, our hotel key, a credit card and $55 in cash. Thank you wonderful cabbie for finding it and taking it back to the hotel for me. but where is my $55?
A birthday for Mother who has been whining for ages asking to go to Outback Spectacular so we took her and SIL down for their combined birthdays. FYI, that is SIL and not Mother with me and gorgeous grandson in the snap.
A birthday for Bill the Builder (note to self - never buy Black Forest Cake for B the B again due to chocolate shavings being blown all over the house when candles blown out. Stick to anchored down decorations.)
Another birthday for me. FYI, that is Mother on the right looking like a deer caught in the headlights and gorgeous daughter on the left. Need to go and get out of my jammies now and forage in the freezer for something to defrost and feed Bill the Builder. Seem to recall a lump of brontysaurus in there somewhere. I'll do something creative with that. Hope he doesn't say 'surprise me'. We all know how that one ends!


  1. You have been busy both socially and with your sewing and knitting..
    Your SBS looks fabulous and I cannot see anything wrong with the block third from the right...

  2. So many wondereful times over the last year or so. Love your SBS blocks - 50 is fantastic.

  3. Ohhhh my goodness is it really you blogging ?

    Lovely to see you in blogland again, welcome back. Your blocks look great I think.

    Nice photos too.