Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving right along....

Last night, Bill the Builder and his trusty slave (that would be me) replaced all the cornice in the soon-to-be-but-not-soon-enough quilting room. Bill the Builder started barking orders at the slave until the slave stomped off in a sulk and poured a glass of red wine.

The slave soon returned after being fortified by a particularly snappy little red, which warmed the slave's tummy (and personality). My quilting doover is under those blue and white sheets on the left.Bill the Builder says he is very keen to have this project finished because he is fed up with all the mess. Clearly, he is a neat freak and I think I can prove this theory with the next picture. It is the front and one bay of his shed.
It is a four bay shed, with a huge skillion to the front and a smaller one to the back. He has oozed out of the shed in both directions and has started planning where he is going to put the camping gear in the new room. As if THAT is going to happen! That wooden sign above the door reads "Old Ba#%$^ds Shed". I bought it for him. I am SUCH a good wife.
This morning at daybreak (actually, an hour before daybreak) the plasterer turned up again. He is plastering away out there now and I'm thinking I should rush out with coffee or something, to keep him alert and plastering. Oooh, I do hope he can finish it today.


  1. Maybe you should set up an intravenous coffee drip for the plasterer. I hope the slave is keeping a good eye on OH&S.

  2. ooooooh! moving along nicely.....perhaps Bill the Builder could come and put up some cornice in our passage......we are waiting for Mr Gyprock to come - he said Monday...I am only assuming he meant this Monday and not some Monday down the track.....he is known for his "casualness" but he does great work so is very he is a really nice guy.....the painter said he would come back and finish the passage once the new cornice is in....they all know him and work around him - nearly there!
    Perhaps you could take out some freshly baked muffins or something for the the fact that you sulked off in a huff but returned once fortified with a nice red...LOL.....can't wait to see pics of the finished room! ....and I agree camping equipment does not belong in your sewing space!!

  3. I am very very impressed Diann. I always thought you had a problem re digi camera and pics to the pc. Mmmmm if Bill the Builder is fed up with it all then things might move along a bit faster .... you think maybe????

  4. Gosh its all coming along nicely by the look of things really, just keep up the huffin and puffin and of course the red wine, all will be well.


  5. Hey You!! Glad you finally made it! Welcome to Blogland!
    Way to go with your shed!! It looks like it is really coming together - hopefully it wont take too long...... maybe get some more of that red liquid into ya, and you can be the one to give out the orders :+)
    x Sarah

  6. It is a necessary luxury to have your own craft room. We bought our small 3BR house in 2002 and then in 2003/04 he added an extra large craft room for me complete with BI cupboards and a toilet. We also use it as the TV room. It is about 9m x 8m and it has a huge cutting table in the centre. The more room you have, the more you spread out. I am very lucky to have it. I have two sewing machines (one embroidery only) and an overlocker permanently set up on the lovely kitchen cupboard type benchtop, with little cupboards underneath.

    Hope your room is finished soon!!! You will just love it.