Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a challenge!

This is Barney No Friends, Bill's psychologically damaged cat, soaking up a few rays and getting sun energy to power him through whatever nasty plans he has for today. Following are the "before" photos of my soon-to-be-and-well-deserved new sewing and quilting room. Bill the Builder is going to convert the carport into a lovely, dust-free and well lit room for me. At the moment, everything is pulled away from the walls to have the plastering done.
These two sets of cupboards are out on the driveway and hold all my clothes sewing stuff (don't do that anymore) and my papercraft stuff. That is Barney No Friends striking a pose in front of them because he thinks everything is about him......and it's not.

This is what the carport currently looks like. Urkle!! Everything is pulled away from the walls so that the plasterer can do his thing. Hopefully, he will finish this coming Thursday. And then what I have to do, is fit this (in current small sewing room)

and this (one door of three door cupboard in laundry)

and this (cupboard with fabric and thread in current sewing room and recently tidied up by dear friend, Miss Lynda, but since messed up again by me)

and this (one side of current small sewing room)

and this (cutting and embroidery table in current small,unworkable sewing room)

and this (other side of current small, uncomfortable, unworkable, de-motivating sewing room, including built-in wardrobe full of plastic tubs of fabric, UFOs and stuff)

all back into the remodelled carport! It's not as bad as it looks........actually, it's worse than it looks!! But I shall do as my mother is always advising and "haul myself up by my own bootstraps" and "gird my loins" and get on with it. Oh, hang on. I don't HAVE any bootstraps! Perhaps I shall just get on with it.


  1. Fabric cupboard looks better than I expected. Lots of sheeting has gone up since I was there - looking good.

  2. Hello Diann & welcome to blogland...it will be wonderful for you to have a new sewing room & with plenty of space...I am envious..

  3. Mmmmm I am speechless, trust me!!!!