Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a long time between drinks, Barbie!

Well, after a long absence, here I am again! And what a time it has been....
Our wonderful children and their spouses organized a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for us. We had absolutely no idea! And what a fabulous night it was. Lynda and John came up from Wollongong, even though Lynda had come up for a visit only three weeks earlier. The kids even rounded up my bridesmaids, who flew down from Townsville, as well as Bill's best man.
It was a truly fabulous night and we had a wonderful time. Check the gorgeous ruby earrings that Bill gave me to celebrate. I love them and he gave me the matching pendant for Christmas.
Don't what was happening there, but Lynda was amused. I'm trying to protect the grandbaby so it obviously wasn't good! Lynda, John and the bridesmaids all came back to our place and stayed for a few days. Just wonderful! Soon after, it was Christmas - another fabulous few days.
Here is Hannes in his elf costume. He looked totally hilarious in it and really played the part. All the grandbabies came over to decorate the tree and a good time was had by all.

What a wonderful December we had!  The New Year is well underway and I have to thank Lynda for motivating me (again!). We've restarted the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Blocks and have already made quite a little stash.
This block has the perculiar name of 54-40 or Fight and it came together fairly well for me.
and this is Anvil. For some reason, the sample in the book was made with a central square but Lynda and I decided that this wasn't the essence of the block and we settled for foundation piecing.
and this is Album 2. They're not quite as wonky as they look and I'm really pleased with them so far. Even the dreaded Tennessee which I had a go at and it turned out! I couldn't believe it. I was ready to hurl myself off a cliff seek professional help blow up the sewing room  give up on doing that particular block and decided to give it one more try. Was so chuffed when it turned out. Here it is.
And now it's Australia Day tomorrow. Off out to our son's place for prawns, lamingtons, lamb chops, snags and a swim.  Need to go and wrap the prizes for the thong throwing competition. Actually, I expect to win because I have a pair of sparkly thongs; first pair I have had since I've been a grown up! Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


  1. Well, well, well. Look who's back. 40th Wedding Anniversary and Christmas - how exciting. Congratulations to you and your hubby. The quilt blocks looks terrific.

  2. At least you now know I can keep a secret.

  3. Looks like it was a fantastic night...great Christmas photos and your blocks look fantastic...nice to see you back...I hope we get to see a few more posts......