Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

What a terrific day we had yesterday! Perfect weather, excellent food and dodgy loving family. Prawns with excellent dipping sauce (made by me, of course), lamb chops (and not just for the girls), snags, lamingtons, pavlova and what Aussie Day celebrations would be complete without these rissoles?? (made by son).
After lunch and a swim in the pool, it was time for the Grand Master (me) to assess and approve all the thongs for the thong throwing competition. Sadly, one pair of thongs had to be disallowed due to the aerodynamic build on the heel which would clearly have given the owner an advantage. Since I was in charge, I was able to allow the owner to borrow an approved thong for throwing, although there was some objections raised by other participants. They were ignored.
The dogs thought the whole thing had been organized for their benefit and one of the thongs met with an untimely end in the jaws of an amazingly stupid a very quick boxer dog. Again, objections were raised but subsequently ignored. What a terrific day we had and what a terrific country we live in. I know that many Australians are having a really tough time of it at the moment, but all in all, we enjoy freedom, democracy and safety in this country. In spite of the bad times, we are very fortunate.

Won't be any more work done on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler for a day or two. Babysitting duties start shortly but here are some more that I've recently finished. The first one is Friendship Quilt.

and this next one is Courthouse Steps. The colours look like they won't fit in but I have quite a few other blocks and they do all go together. The colours in this block are pinker than they appear here. I am doing the quilt in similar colours to the book, but substituting purple for brown. I will put all my blocks onto my design wall to see if how they are working together and post a photo but only if it looks good soon.
This next one is Weathervane, and again, looks like it won't fit it probably won't. but it will be fine. Again, those pieces are pinker than they look. Orange sends me into a frenzy so I tend not to use it.
Next new project is Floral Bouquet from a jelly roll book as soon as all participants can finally make a decision on what fabric to use. Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

Sun safe and totally gorgeous!


  1. So, who won? Looks like a fantastic day.

  2. Got to watch the thongs with heels.....who knew anyone would try that one on! sounds like a fabulous day - love the Aussie rissoles! we are indeed lucky to live in such a wonderful country - it throws us up some curve balls from time to time...but you are right....we are very fortunate. the blocks are looking good....I am hoping to get a start during my holidays which are coming up in about three weeks, one day and six hours....not that I am counting or anything!

  3. I didn't win. That's all that matters. Actually, the winner had objections lodged (and ignored) because he won with someone else's thong ie mine, so technically, I won!!

  4. LOL what a lot of fun had by all.
    Yep we are still the lucky country even with all our floods etc ,we pull together and get things done.

    Love all your blocks Diann

  5. It sounds like a lot of fun.