Monday, January 31, 2011

The Good Wife!

That would be me! Because yesterday, I ironed!! Yep. You heard right.  Ironing for me is not just a quick half hour here and there. It is a major project, with the emphasis on major. It involves trashy movies, bottles of bubbles, a take over of the lounge and generally, life as everyone knows it goes on hold. I drag baskets and racks and cords and tables out into the lounge room, close all the windows and put on the fans and aircon (don't want to over heat - still 5,000 degrees here) mix up my special starch brew, pour the bubbles and load up the trashy TV. That of itself wears me out! But it is now done till next time.
Ingredients for special brew starch. Bill the Builder always freaks out because I use his Grey Goose vodka. He is such a drama queen. He runs around, bellowing "not the Goose! Not the Goose." He is a goose!
Finished till next time! A stack of 4,000 giant shirts with long sleeves, 2,000 table cloths, 6,000 pillow cases, 4,000 tea towels, 5,000 place mats, 10,000 napkins, 80,000 giant t-shirts and a heap of giant trousers! No wonder I'm snookered!!  Then, I have to wash the floor with hot water and vinegar to get the starch off the tiled floor so that Bill the Builder doesn't come skidding through and break his neck. I try to iron at least three times a year but sometimes I don't get to it that often.
Bill the Builder was a complete toad less than loving yesterday morning so bought me this lovely bunch of flowers to score points redeem himself because he realized that his life was in danger he hadn't been a nice boy. It worked! They are so cheery!

The weekend wasn't a total write off. I did three more blocks of my Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt. I am really enjoying doing this one and like reading the letters that go with it. I had started following an online group but got behind so just started at block one and am working my way numerically through the book.
This is block 15 Buzzard's Roost. I was really careful with it (the second time I made it) and have got the half square triangles marginally better but they are still not right. This block is wobbly but not as bad as it looks here.
Block 16 Calico Puzzle
Block 17 Cats and Mice
I've got quite a few of the blocks done now. Not sure how I'm going to 'tidy' them up when I come to put it together because the blocks are on point. Oh well. No doubt it will come to me!


  1. That really sounds like hard work.. thousands of items to be ironed...gee I am so pleased I do mine every day, I would hate to get into that must be feeling the blocks...

  2. I keep my ironing to shirts/pants and t shirts if I am being really picky! tell me you don't really iron tea towels! The ex-Prince used to do all the ironing and ironed everything including tea towels.....I used to iron them in another life but now they just go in the drawer as is. After all - who the hell is going to complain? Certainly not me...LOL....and I love your blocks...all the points look good to me! ....and Peg.(previous comment)..what is up with you - ironing every day?? LOL! Still 5,000C here too....keep cool!

  3. I iron tea towels (always have). Bill the Builder should be buying you a florist shop worth of flowers after that huge ironing effort. I noticed most of it was his stuff. What's the recipe using the Goose? Your blocks look great - it will be a lovely quilt.

  4. I lost the original recipe so now each batch is an individual creation! I use Silver Star starch and lob in the Goose and lavender oil. Smells just wonderful!

  5. You iron 3 times a year? That is 3 more times than I do it.