Monday, September 20, 2010

Honey....I'm home

Blimey! Is it really so long since I last posted??  Life and all its complications got in the road of my stitching and I lost my mojo! But Lynda was right all the time. My mojo was sitting on Marion's back verandah all the time!
My gorgeous daughter shouted me three fabulous days at one of my favouritest places in the whole world (or any other big place). The Quilters Rest at Kingaroy, run by the wonderful Marion and Alan. Ang decided I needed a break away. I don't think it was because I was sitting on the floor in the corner of the lounge, drooling and jabbering, but I could be wrong. So I set sail on Friday afternoon, armed with a heap of stuff and a vat of wine and after a lovely drive up, arrived in time to have a cup of coffee and the best banana cake I've ever eaten. There were five other ladies already there and had been partying since the day before.  I finally quilted Little Chicken Feather for my beautiful grandson and finished the binding on Sunday.  Here 'tis.....
I also quilted another quilt for my gorgeous daughter-in-law (still to finish binding, so photo to come) for her birthday next month. Was really chuffed with the quilting. I used the new Pfaff 18" quilting machine and I must say, the big throat area really made the job quick. The quilt above is 65" x 72" and it was done in about three hours (allowing for regular injections of red wine). I just did a loose meander on this one. I do love doing feathers though and learned the fast and easy way (which I am heavily into) from this book.
As I was getting ready to pack up and come home on the Monday, I received the dreadful news that the river was up over the guide rails and I would not be able to leave that day. You can imagine how I felt about having to stay longer but I put on a brave face and proceeded to make two long strips of this...
which will be teamed with this.....
to make this.

I bought all the fabric as listed for the pictured quilt and am marginally disappointed that the fabric is quite a bit brighter than shown in the magazine. However, I still like it and will be making it while my embroidery machine chugs along on some Sue Box embroideries. I am making a quilt for my newest niece, Lily and have done these so far...
The pink and cream 9 patches are not as dark as they appear in this photo so I am going to redo them, probably whack a pale green border around this lot and then maybe slip into a 2 1/2" square frenzy to make it bigger......or not. I also prepped three applique blocks of Teddlywinks Tea Party for my other niece, Charlotte, and have started on those as well. So it is all systems 'go' in this neck of the woods and today is cold, wet and dark........perfect for stitching!


  1. Welcome back Diann.
    Wow the rest has done you good because you have done and are working on some beautiful projects.

  2. Welcome back Diann...oh...the disappointment of having to stay an extra day...were you praying for more rain? I would have been! Looks like the break was just what you needed.

  3. What a shame you had to stay another day. LOL! Looks like someone got some much needed R & R and sewing time. YAY!!!! Everything is fabulous! I really love your grandsons quilt.

  4. Great to see you. I was beginning to worry.

  5. LCF looks fabulous! Hannes is going to tickled pink (and so will his Mum). Those embroideries are so cute.

  6. Love your mojo, I keep mine in the fridge.

  7. SO SO glad you found your Mojo Diann... Who would have guessed it would have been at Marions ha ha... Can't think of a nicer place to find it either! Your quilts are fantastic! Love reading your posts, so keep 'em coming xx