Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy holidays....

School holidays with the grandbabies.....
Very unflattering photo!
Lots of chores over the school holidays. The veggie garden has been dug over, seeds planted and straw piled on top. The grandbabies are learning how to grow their own food and even have their own chook house. They have five chickens and they are going to sell the eggs at school (to help pay for their chickens!). So far, three eggs and the grandbabies are just delighted! They had a sleepover at Grandma's house on Sunday night and then we all went to the movies to see "Toy Story 3" on Monday. Maccas for lunch (Grandma eats healthy) and then to the playground. What a great day!
Managed to get my SBS blocks done. This is 'Contrary Wife' and it went together quite quickly. Not like.......
'Laurel Wreath' which was a nightmare!! I had to use lots of steam pressing to get this one looking half-way reasonable, and like 'New Mexico', this block is as done as it's going to be! I was going to paper piece it but that all went pear shaped so I unpicked it all and started again with the sewing machine. How come the photos of the good blocks look dodgy and the photos of the dodgy blocks look OK?? I got all organized and sorted out my Syvlia's Bridal Sampler fabrics into one bag, along with the templates and the book and sorted all the Farmer's Wife Sampler fabrics and fixings into another bag. Now they are starting to look like two separate projects. The blocks were all starting to look like each other and in fact, I think I'll shift a couple of SBS blocks into the FWS bag. 

Colds and man flu seem to have left us (thank the Lord!) and we have sunshine again. Yay for sunshine! I spent a few days last week sulking about the cold, dark days. There's something not right about having to have the house lights on in the middle of the day. Not good for my little psyche.  And speaking of things not being right, hubby bought a packet of home brand biscuits from Woolies the other day. Guess where they were made? India!!! What is THAT about?  I binned them. Is it really cheaper for Woolies to have biscuits made in India? Are there no biscuit makers in Australia? And what about all the foreign pork coming into Australia? Who knew? It will go nicely with the garlic from China. Remember? The people who brought you melamine in milk? Grrrr....... Off to do more sulking!


  1. Oh my! That SBS looks hard, I don't look forward to that one. I think yours turned out.

  2. State of the art chookhouse! And a very cute chook owner. Your SBS blocks look great and I can see the difference from FWS.

  3. Both your blocks look great. Even though you had trouble with one.
    Good on ya putting the bikkies in the bin.We need to support our own but are there any bikkie factories in Aus anymore????

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  5. Your blocks look great and your chook house looks nicer than most of my relative's homes.

    As for the sulking - go for it. It is ridiculous how far away some of our food comes from.