Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy birthday.....

Yesterday, my baby turned 37! Yeeks! We celebrated with home made pizzas and lots of lounging around. What a great day!
I bought him a sweet little bonsai for his front verandah

and a good time was had by all.
The other good news is that I have finally finished the quilt I made for my gorgeous DIL. I took this photo of it while it was hanging on the line (the quilt hanger had gone to work) so it looks a lot dodgier than it is (I swear!!)
I did the quilting while I was in Kingaroy and am really chuffed with it.
Close up
and closer up.....photos are not great. It's quite overcast today, but you get the general idea. I took a photo of the back so you could be totally amazed and impressed with my quilting, but it didn't turn out.
This was a new sashing design I tried and I was really pleased with it. I did the roses in all the corner stones and leaves in between. Now I need to get going on quilting the tops I've made for Mum and my baby son for Christmas.....oh yes.....and finish the Irish Chain for niece Lily.....oh.....and Teddy Tea Party for niece Charlotte.  Heaps of time. There's lots of sleeps till Christmas......isn't there??


  1. Your quilt came out so beautiful. The quilting on it is just perfect.

  2. Looks like you had a great time with the family for you DS B/D.
    Your DIL's quilt is gorgeous. What beautiful AH!!!!!!!!!!! Would you believe 88 days till Xmas.One blog I follow has a Xmas count down on her blog. Do we need to know?? :(

  3. I think it was really the color tone is really very attractive.....i like this....it was Great.......Embroidery

  4. The quilt looks fabulous - the colours go so very well together and the quilting is spectacular. Such lovely photos of the family.

  5. Lovely photos Dianne, the quilt looks great.... mighty fine stitching.