Friday, June 4, 2010

To pom or not to pom...

Still Life with Beanie

.....that is the question.  Mum says to definitely pom, Paul said no, Lynda said yes and Angela just laughed. The pattern doesn't have a pom pom on it but Mum and Lynda say it ain't a beanie if it ain't pommed.  I think I'll have to go with the experts.  This beanie is going to be donated to a wonderful group called Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. The group is run by a lovely lady, Karen, and everyone knits, crochets or sews items to be donated. The items are given away to people in need and in this cooler weather, there is a great demand for the items. I can think of little worse than being homeless and cold. How can this happen in a country like Australia?

While The Sweet One and I were wandering around Lincraft in a daze yesterday, I spotted this book on sale. Is that a sign or what?? Naturally, I bought it and have been munching Mint Slice biscuits and leafing through it.  From the little I know, it seems to be really good. It has a pattern for what they say is a simple baby jacket, so I am going to have a crack at that, after I finish my next beanie (already started!) The Sweet One asked me if I was going to make another funny hat, but I'm not going to dwell on that. He's 2 1/2. What would he know?

I girded my loins and attacked my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block, New Mexico. What a freaking nightmare that was! I unpicked it three times and it still looks a bit dodgy but that is the finished article, let me tell you. The cream and brown bits are foundation pieced so explain to me how they could possibly turn out wonky????? Wonky they are but let me tell you, wonky they are staying! I ain't unpicking it again!

I was thinking of mowing the lawn next, but then I thought I should attack the massive amount of ironing but now I'm overwhelmed by all that so I think I'll just sew. It's a beautiful day!


  1. You must pom!! There, I am glad that's over. Happy to help.

  2. Well, that's 3 for, 1 against and 1 who clearly can't be relied on, so pom it is!

  3. Mowing the lawn? Time to get a little man for that job I think. Looking forward to pom-pom photos.

  4. Seems I was too late to give you my thoughts so go with pom. LOL
    Only remember a man does not want to walk around with a pom so make some with and some without.

    Oh it can be so hard to get points right. I am having fun doing a bargello at present and the seams have to all butt up.

  5. HOLY MOLY! That New Mexico block looks insane. I think yours came out perfect. I need to go check and see what week that block needs to be done, I may have to carve out some extra time.