Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A fabulous weekend......

Who doesn't love a good road trip, especially with good friends?? Maurice was delighted to have his buddy Merc travel north to go on a road trip with him. There was some dispute as to who should drive.......
but it was quickly decided who was NOT driving! However, Merc and Maurice seemed happy enough with the decision.
Lynda and I did a little bit of shopping on Saturday and I bought this selection to make the Kaffe Fasset quilt. Sewco had a 25% off sale so it was a bargain, particularly since I also had some gift vouchers. This is going to be a lovely bright quilt and will be quick to make. The patches are quite large. I haven't decided on border fabrics yet and the pansey fabric isn't a definite either. It turned a bit blue when put with the other fabrics. It's actually quite purple looking when it's on its own. Still thinking on that one.
We all left on Sunday and headed north west. Called into Highlands, where we bought some hand made chocolates and other goodies. I picked up this little bundle to go with my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, but am now thinking I will keep it for The Farmer's Wife Sampler.
The colours are way nicer than they are showing here. The browns are cocoa brown and the green is a lovely dusky green. We stayed in Toowoomba on Sunday night, had an extremely yummy breakfast there on Monday morning and then did a spot more retail therapy. Called into Lincraft - what a fabulous range they had there. Then on to Smiggle where I couldn't let this gorgeous little selection go by!
A purple electronic sharpener, two purple suede pencils, two purple ink pens, a purple pig eraser and a gorgeous slim line purple pen. Love it! John also bought an electronic sharpener and we had a fat time together when we got home, sharpening pencils!

We set sail for home and called into Rudd's Pub for lunch.  Got home Sunday evening and had toasted sandwiches for dinner - very casual!  Lynda, John and Merc packed up and headed south this morning, so the party is over for me......but what a fabulous weekend! And what about.........
my excellent pink beanie!! Complete with (sparse) pom pom. There were a few snide remarks about my pom pom so I'll need to sharpen up my pom pom skills! Do they hold pom pom classes anywhere?? I made it on a pom pom maker but am thinking I need to try again with the cardboard. I did make one of the cardboard but went skew whiff somewhere and when I cut it apart, I ended up with a handful of chopped up wool! Gads! Which is why I bought the pom pom maker.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your beanie looks great!!

  2. What a great time you had buying up some great fabric and things!!

    Love the beanie and just use more wool in the pom pom and it will be fatter.

  3. What a great time you had and your little friends.


  4. So pleased you had a great time doing retail therapy.

  5. Hello Dianne, Wondering if you are the Dianne who knitted me a wonderful green scarf in a swap long ago? If so, it's great to have found you!

  6. Merc made it home safe and sound last night. This afternoon he will be moving to his new home with Baby Wil - what an adventure he will have.

  7. Hi Diann, I just popped in to see how you are going with your Christmas Crafting. How many Mini Gifts did you get finished? Let me know by midnight 29th June....only have to have three finished to go in the draw!