Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sewing room revisited...

This is looking from the carport door, into the room. The beautiful cabinet on the left was made by my son for my birthday and it is to hold all my cones of embroidery thread. It is to go on a wall, if ever when I work out where to put it. The TV in front of the bookcase is to be dumped, as is the old sideboard and stereo system beside the laundry door (LHS). I really like the sideboard, but it needs a lot of restoring and I don't have anywhere to put it she's gorn!

The cupboards under this window hold most of my papercraft stuff (excluding scrapbook stuff) and the big cupboard to the right of that has (carefully labelled!) storage boxes, stabilizers, fabric and stuff like that.

 This is the doover and behind that are my embroidery machine, my computer that holds my embroidery designs and the fabric cupboard (also made by my son). The cupboards that they sit on hold cones of embroidery thread (till I can move them to the other cupboard) a box of tops to be quilted, hundreds a couple of UFOs and some scrapbooking stuff. The trollys just to the right of the fabric cupboard are my sewing trolly and my scrapbooking trolly.

And this is my sewing area with two tables behind it. I use the tables for cutting. I don't know why, but the whole setup is marginally inconvenient so I haven't hung up any of my dollies or my clock or anything. Bill the Builder will have a total meltdown something to say if  I start whacking nails into the wall and then need to yank them out again.  The cone cupboard is a hell of a lot somewhat larger than I expected so I have a quandry with placing that as well.
These whopping great goofy boots have found their way into my room. I suspect the Imelda of the building world Bill the Builder was staking a small claim. Said boots have since been removed! The floor isn't as diabolical as it looks, although it is just polished concrete. It is easy to vacuum and I just do it as part of my normal vacuuming. I still have a whopping great cupboard in the laundry full of stuff and haven't quite worked out where I'm going to relocate that too, although most of it should probably go to Vinnies or the dump. In the unlikely event When the sideboard goes, I'll put a low level bookcase there to hold my pattern books, embroidery disks and stuff like that. At the moment, it is also in the laundry cupboard.  Suggestions welcome!

But what about................
my excellent beanie!! It's finished now except I don't know how to get it off the needle so am speeding over to Mum's soon for beanie removing lessons. I am so chuffed with it. Mum was quite vicious somewhat puzzled about my design feature down the bottom but I thought it looked OK.  Besides, I wasn't about to pull it out.

Still wet here. Hope the weather improves before Lynda and John get here.


  1. I love your beanie and am waiting with bated breath to see the photo of you wearing it!! Your sewing room is huge! and you were quite right to remove those boots!

  2. The beanie is wonderful - I love blue. Your sewing room is so big. I love it.

  3. Beanie looks fantastic - your mother should be hugely impressed. Will you be adding a pom-pom?